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 Security & Safety 

When it comes to records management, security and safety are of the utmost concern.  Peace of Mind Records Management staff is committed to the security of your records both during storage and transport.  Our facility is strategically located less than one (1) mile from the headquarters of a full-service police department that employs 20 full-time officers and less than 1.5 miles from a full-service fire station.

Our facility incorporates:


  • Security Lighting and Cameras
  • Limited Access to Authorized Personnel Only
  • 3 Levels of Active Personnel Access Control 
  • An Eight-Foot Perimeter Security Fence
  • Regular Pest and Rodent Control
  • Fire Suppression Equipment both Inside and Outside the Building
  • Flood Prevention Layout and Design
  • Professional Manager Onsite during "Normal" Business Hours


A simple "security test" if you are utilizing another records management vender:
If you are currently utilizing the services of another records management facility or are comparing alternatives, ask each facility one simple question - "May I physically examine the actual location where my records are / will be stored?"  9 times out of 10 facilities will say no and will feed you a line similar to "we do not allow customers to tour our facilities for security / privacy reasons".  The reality is that tours are not allowed because more often than not customer records are stored in rundown, indiscrete warehouses with minimal security in the not so nice (i.e. low rent) sections of town.  At large facilities your records are generally not stored together, your boxes may be dispersed across various locations.  The truth is there is no "Fort Knox" type fortress guarding your records and your records are likely not being stored inside a vault deep within a military grade secure mountain facility.  In short, large facilities make it a point that you never know exactly where your records are being stored.
Peace of Mind Records Management provides tours of our facility upon request.  All of your records are stored together in one discreet location with separate security for each section of boxes.  A limited number of boxes, generally a maximum of approximately 250 boxes, are stored together in each section to help minimize a catastrophic loss of all records.  Peace of Mind Records Management clients are free to know exactly where their records are being stored.
The Local Document Storage Solution: Simple, Safe & Affordable.

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